Project Experience – General Note & Acknowledgments

Our team has extensive and diverse experience gained managing complex projects in challenging environments, supporting clients through change, collaborating with and co-ordinating multiple international teams, in co-located and virtual environments.

Since our company is relatively young, we acknowledge that much of our team's experience comes from working for different companies, in different parts of the world.
Projects with the involvement of our senior managers working for past employers are shown here to illustrate the experience of key members of the Synoptics Consulting team.

We always focus on addressing the client's specific business needs and project goals with the right skillset and tools on case-by-case basis, and we bring to the table the benefit of the full range of skills available to us both in-house and through our international network of consultants.

We readily recognize and give credit to individuals and companies we work with for their role in our professional development; such information, where relevant, is shown in our case studies.